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Balloons are a great way to decorate a Halloween party, they
also make great party favours to give to any children at your party.
We have a wide range of Halloween latex and foil balloons suitable for all types
of Halloween parties, whether it's a child's party or an adults party.
Latex balloons are made from rubber and are very inexpensive they can be filled
with air or helium. (although the print on the balloons will appear upside down
if you air fill) When filled with helium they will stay afloat for approx 8-10 hours.

Our Halloween Foil balloons are slightly more expensive and can only be
filled with helium, they will stay afloat for a minimum of 5 days, sometimes
much longer. Most foil balloons are measure 18" across, however we also have
some fantastic Supershape foil balloons and Airwalker foil balloons, these are
just large foil balloons in the shape of things such as spiders, bats and witch's etc as opposed to round balloons. Airwalker balloons have legs and are weighted in their
feet to give the impression that they are walking.