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Traditional Halloween Games

There are lots of fantastic games you can play at halloween, here are
some examples of some of the traditional games you could play.

Apple Bobbing

You will need:
Tub or Large Container

Possibly one of the best known Halloween Party Games, simply fill a tub (washing bowl is ideal) with water. Fill it with apples (removing the stalks, you don't want to make it too easy for them). They then take it in turns one by one to try and take the apple out of the tub using just their mouth. Their hands must stay behind their backs at all times.

Dangling Donuts

You will need:
Jam Donuts
Coat Hanger

This game is just great fun for kids and for adults. Feed the string through the centre of your jam donuts and then hang two donuts on the coat hanger, one at each end. Pick two of the partygoers who are of roughly the same height (so as not to give an unfair advantage) and hold the donuts so that they are just above their mouths (you may need to stand on a chair). The object of the game is for them to beat the other player to eat their donut the quickest, keeping their hands behind their backs at all times. Should they drop any of the jam or donut on the floor or themselves they will automatically been disqualified.